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Sexiness is the spectrum of arts in a person's life. It's the aestheic way of
expressing the inner and outer beauty of an individual. Part of it is natural and but the most of it is acquired and how you strive or work on it. It is just not about your physique or physical. Rather, it is the best blend of your body and brain, your makeup-ability and mind, your attitude and action, and your presentation power of all the pleansantriies in your possession. It's a dynamic life-process. You can reach to the zenith of it through your best endeavor and plateau yourself for a while and then roll down slowly or steeply depending on the situations around you.
My friend argued with me sexiness and beauty is totally different expression and meaning when I showed her my denifition of " what is sexiness?" as I said is the manifestation of inner and outer beauty.
by abaaka November 08, 2009
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