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A term used when you can not use profanity such as Jackass or Fucking Asshole in the presence of others and/or you are a conservative individual that doesn't swear. Also, it's a great term to use directly to the person whom is acting like a jackass and they don't know, but it feels good to you.
Recently a friend come over for dinner with my husband and I plus our 4 year old daughter. At the dinner table she casually mentioned she discovered her husbands email address on the Ashley Madison hack site. My response, not wanting to swear in the presence of my young child, was "what a Jack! I'm so sorry". Another example is when you are working with a male customer who's being an asshole you can say "take your time deciding Jack and let me know if I can be of further assistance " the customer may not catch it or may correct your mishap by saying "my name is Matt" and you can choose to apologize or say " I'm sorry I thought it was Jack".
by Jacks fill October 09, 2016
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