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1. to engage in some variety of sexual intercourse, either alone or with a partner(s). Always used in triplicate, i.e. whakka whakka whakka, unless in answering an interrogative, in which case one whakka will suffice. (see example two) Only the last whakka may be modified to fit the tense of the sentence. May be used as an interrogative to question the occurance of aforementioned sexual activity.
1. I totally walked in on Jackson whakka whakka whakking to some lesbian erotica. Man, he has a small one.
2. Roomie walks out with JBF hair.
Me: Whakka Whakka Whakka?
Roomie: Whakka.
3. Jackson: Man, I couldnt sleep last night. He whakka whakka whakked it at four in the morning. I think they were trying to keep it down but its hard when theres only a wall between your head and their whakka whakka whakking.
by 1703 December 02, 2007
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