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(verb)a rare word in the english language, only spoken by a few genius individuals. the root of the word is arabic "whachu", which is the sneezing sound one makes when masterbating. The suffix is "gondo" and in swahili translates to the sound one makes after having an orgasm. By combining the prefix "whachu" and suffix "gondo" you have one of the most intricite words known to man in "whachugondo". It is the most stuntastic way to ask an individual or group what they have planned or what the next step would be in any given situation.

Saying the word two or three times in a row has a much much more meaningful impact. "whachugondo and whachugondo and whachugondo"

Adding a "whodatis" to the end of the word makes for eargasms to anyone who is lucky enough to hear the two words together. Be very careful not to abuse this combination.

This is the only question in the english language that does not recquire a question mark, or any punctuation to that matter.
Stunna: "yo, i heard you planted your man seed in dat bitch Wanda and she's gonna try to have it...whachugondo and whachugondo"
Matt Clark: "I'm gonna kick dat bitch in her stomach... Whatshegondo"

Jack: "whachugondo and whachugondo and whodatis and whachugondo"
Jill: "i'm going to the mall and this is my boyfriend"
by Stuntastic June 13, 2008
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