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A female Australian normally age between 12 and 18 who has no morals and is basically living to pop out babies much like a pez dispenser, to get a $4000-$5000AUD baby bonus from centre link (Australian Government). These young sluts typically spend the money within or less than one week for financially supporting their drug and alcohol addictions. The infamous wez-pez can be spotted in the western suburbs of Victoria, more often than not in a small country town called Werribee. People should be aware that the pez-wez species has a 89.3% chance of being infected with a STD.
(Werribee = Wezza)
azza: "hey bazza, why is the line coming out of centre link so long?
bazza: "Good question azza, let me explain... these sluts are called wez-pez's, the government will give them a cheque for having a baby. On average more than 250 girls make a claim every day in Wezza, making centre link busier than the Werribee plaza."

azza: "Wow bazza, Shazza has just had her 17th baby. She must love children."
bazza: "Yeah maybe, and she's only 16. Good thing the government will help her drug addiction out with a $4000 bonus."
by azzafromwezza March 26, 2008
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