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A word that was coined by my uncle's coworker, whose name was Todd, as a less-intelligent-sounding replacement for retarded. One who is slow, retarded, and/or stupid. The word is a synonym for retarded, in both actual and slang definitions, and can be used the same way by anyone wishing to ridicule anyone who is described by the word while at the same time mocking them and/or emphasizing the word. Can also be used to determine if people are awake/asleep, paying attention/spaced out, reading/staring at the book, baked/sober, drunk/sober, or for eavesdropper detection.

Syn: retarded.
Jesus: A-kuh-duh, dee-dee-dee, i wanna suck sum cackberries.
Conner: Ok, you can suck mine.
Jesus: (licking Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" book) I was joking, you cracker. Go eat your mom's tuna. (resumes licking)
Conner: No, how about you do it.
Jesus: You wanna go?
Conner: No, I don't want to go out with you.
Jesus: Wow, you're wetoddid...
by C.J.H. April 21, 2008
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