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It's when you're just the fuckin' freshest of the fresh. Bay area/PDX503 term. When you're wetter than any bum, ya feel me?
I'm getttin paaiiiiiddd, i'm wetasabum!
by Aust!nnnn May 31, 2008
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Also spelled Wedadahhbum

When sometind is da crazziest wet.
Term originated in da 503 portland oregon.

Pronunciation= (Wed) (Ad) (Ahh) (Bum)
you're rollin' down the street, getting your c.o. (chill on) and some homie says "dyummm shun, you wet as a bum"

"Shit meng you so icy, You as wedadahhbum meng"
by AP, AG June 11, 2008
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