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One upping kicking someone in the chest. When you dip your foot in water and then kick someone in the chest, usually done to someone who is a total ass clown. the water on your foot will make a footprint on the persons chest making them look completly stupid. Its primarily used to humiliate the person instead of hurt them. There is more than one form of the wet chest there is the ice chest where you stick your foot in a bucket of ice and it freezes their chest and the green chest where you crush caterpillars under your feet and then kick them in the chest. The double wet chest is where you stick both feet in the water and kick either: one person really hard with both feet; or two people with one foot each. The wet chest is a favourite move of the back shop and it is frequently used to people who dont expect it. Other forms of wet chest kicks have been created but amongst them the basic water wet chest kick is the most common.
Samantha: hey Julie I'd really like to show mr. rosenberg whos boss
Julie: Yeah i'd really like to teach that fool a lesson, but what can we do
Rob: Lets wet chest this clown, craig stick your foot in this bucket of water and kick mr. Rosenberg in the chest
(craig sticks foot in water and delivers a hard kick in mr. Rosenbergs chest causing a footprint to form on his shirt.)
Mr. Rosenberg: dear me, are you fucking kidding me? this shirts brand new i look so stupid!
by roosterjetfire July 10, 2008
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