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westwind drive (Prairie Meadows Cooprative)
most dangerous part of Eden Prairie. Housing Projects. THe hood. Uptown and Southside. Lotta immigrants. lotta dope. smoke up hella blunts. crack fiends and alcoholics. broken hoopster dreams. A bit a gnagbangin and dope slangin. Cops all ova. Near summertime chill spots- Nesbitt Park, and the Preserve... or the "serve". off Preserve BLVD> near tha mall and tha library and EDEn Lake Elementery. Bloods. Folk Nation sets, S. A. U. somali assult Unit. Golden Daze were 1998-2005
YO imma go chill wit my nigga E-Free and Eazy at uptown westwind projects, u wanna come. Na imma chill at south lot. then go burn some trees at Neil lake, nesbitt, the "serve", Edenvale ect.
by Devonte D. November 20, 2008
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