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A stupid place in Grenada where all the rich kids go. All the boys are stupid idiots and all the girls are bitches and think they are better than everyone else. They don't seem to care about having bfs/gfs they seem to just share eachothers. So don't go there, coz if you do alot of people will hate you!
"Hey I was with BOB last night" says a bitchy lil westmorland girl.

"I thought he was with BETTY.." says a innocent girl form another school(SAM).

"Yeah he is. Oh and he wants to see you tonight. Don't be late"

"But what about my boyfriend?"

"Who cares about bfs anymore. And anyway I was with yours the night before."

"Oh what is wrong with you westmorland people?" says the SAM

"Nothing! omg ur such a bitch. Omg omg omg your just jealous coz ur a slut" say the slutty bitch

SAM then walks off in horror of how westmorland people are so ignorant, arrogant and hypocritical!
by Kazsta April 25, 2007
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