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(noun) Weaving or wandering around the road, caused by road hypnosis from driving down many miles of empty and perfectly straight road that looks exactly like the last many miles you drove. Driving these roads on cruise control with your hands immobile on the steering wheel leads to inattention to driving, or to boredom strong enough that you're tempted to swerve off the road on purpose rather than by accident.

(verb) To unintentionally drive very very gradually off the road or into the opposing lane, because the road is so empty and boring that you aren't paying enough attention to notice.
I was reading a magazine while driving to El Paso, and the west texas drift took me halfway across a field before I even noticed.

The next town is in a straight line 269 miles away. When I finally get there, I'd better get a hotel room; all this west texas drifting is about to make me at one with the tumbleweeds.
by exstock April 08, 2009
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