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A state in Eastern India that at one time had one of the greatest economies in the Indian Union and is culturally, politically and socially ahead of most of its neighbouring states(Obvio man since its surrounded by total shitholes on every side except the sea). Its shape on the map resembles a bent headed box butted manually operated gear of a Maruti Omni with a pointy juicy chicken breast (South Dinajpur or Malda) which doesn't give milk but drains an entire river (Ganga) into the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. Well jokes apart West Bengal is quite famous for its 9999 varities of fish, its cultural and historical heritage, Kali Puja, Durga Puja, Tagore and Music.

P.S. also for a famous local custom of shouting monosyllables, for eg: banchoder nati(grandson of a sissie fucker), khankir chhele(son of a bitch) at fellow roadies for trashing your car in the middle of the road in a bottleneck "oli-goli" in Kolkata.
Fish west bengal
by The Japanese Goof April 11, 2014
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