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Really gud Azz nucca! & his dick game iz amazing, he luvz hard az fuk, he is a provider takes care of his kids, take care of his family definitely a Breadwinners in a bread go-getter a protector can be crazy but only when you fucked with his kids or his money or his heart don't fuck with that he's a good ma fucka loves hard and got your back to the fullest and he believes Real Niggas be a real nigga shit he's confident and also knows that his head game is on point and is a fighter and in no way has got no quit in him all go demands his respect better respect him, so don't burn a bridge or lose him because he will be like a fart in a tornado but as long as he is there is a great man and loves kids the downside he has been through hell and Yes Fragile is a word to use but not weak the nigga won't break he go hard and will bounce back, needless to say he's someone to have in your corner
by Burgerwatson January 30, 2017
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