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A wenchSkank is a bitch and a Whore but is called a skank instead because Whore has already been used to much about some other individuals . A wench Skank is a person Who is a bitch to your face and Will do every Guy around just for the sake of the enjoyment of sex . A wench Skank will have sex with every Guy no matter how ugly the Guy Truely is .
Oh Geez here comes the WenchSkank
Hey WenchSkank get the fuck away from him I'm pretty sure your Friend wouldn't appreiciate you making an offer to have sex and flirting .
What the fuck Bitch Why are you fucking my boyfriend .
( another person): Correction she's a wenchskank now try that sentence again
Pissed off girl : What the Fuck WenchSkank why are you fucking my boyfriend .
by Stephanie October 22, 2006
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