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a school in the of wellesley. (duh) it goes grades 6-8 with advanced classes and learning center.
the math ciriculam is not the best......the students never learn about place value in elemantry, and then are expected to know it in middle school. social studies is mostly watching documentries and taking notes. science is by far WMS's best subject. in depth research on real life things, not textbook examples. english is writing, reading and homework.
there is a large selection of cafeteria food, but not the best. fresh veggies for the custom subs. salads are the only option for vegetaritons, other then cereal and bagels. hot cheese and pepperoni pizza. usally gross hot lunches, such as mac and cheese, or cheeseburgers. this line is usally empty
the girls are very...well...slutty. lots of low cut v-necks or flowy shirts and skinny jeans. in the fall, spring and summer, short skirts and shorts that dont fit the dress codes are worn, exposing perfectly tan and hair-less legs. the boys wear moderate clothing.
most kids are very rich, and like to show off their parents money in any way possible.
girl #1: I looooove your plaid mini shorts!!!! im in love!!!!!

girl #2: thanks! i got them at juicy couture. by the way....dont tell anyone..they werent on sale!!!!!!

girl #1: how much money were they? i really want a pair. as long as its in the 200 dollar range i wont have to beg my parents for it

girl #2: ooooo thats to bad, they were 250 dollars...sux to be you!!!! hahaha!!! b**** slap!!!!

girl #1: *sniffle*

guy #1: omg look at .... in her plaid mini shorts..shes sooo hot

guy #2: i know right?!!!

guy #1: i guess thats she not anything special though... all the girls are hot at wellesley middle school
by merrrrreeeeeeee April 15, 2011
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