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the phrase everyone uses after you have just slaughter in a debate about why a certain thing sucks (i.e. movie, game, etc.). they know they lost but are ashame they actually had no idea what they were talking about, so they resort to this phrase indicating their belief that its simply a matter of taste and that they like it. this deters the conversation from the actual debate of weather said thing (i.e. movie, game, etc) sound be considered bad or good.
me: TDKR sucks balls. Like with the entire trilogy, death metal version of batman is just stupid. The movie excels in visual appeal, drama, and some intense action. Bane was completely emasculated. He isn't the head honcho pumping drugs into his body and being a bad ass. The entire Talia and Bane story got twisted and then merged together with Catwoman for simply sexual appeal. The whole Robin thing was stupid...etc.

nolanite dicksucker: Well, I liked it.
by i_am_never_wrong January 16, 2014
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