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Refers to when one gets embarrassed in a football game, during a play in which the abused is either trucked the mess out of, juked the mess out of, our just flat out beat.

Originated by the athletic play of the renowned Wes "Mo Money" Wallace, one of the greatest pure athletes to ever touch the pigskin.
Damn!!!!!!!!! You see dat fool get truck sticked?!?
Yea, dat dude got weewalled!

(Man 1) Bro, I aint neva seen someone get weewalled like dat!
(Man 2) You're right man. Its soo sad how he's paralyzed now.

(Man 1) Oh well, he shouldnt of got in ol boy Wes's way.
(Man 2) Yup.. i guess he learned his lesson though.
by TheOne&OnlyDon October 23, 2010
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