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Weeshna, pronounced we she na (but faster), is a magnificent creature brought down and possibly created by the mystic and wonderful kim-jung-un many millions of years ago. He was later abandoned and left to fend for himself. He was the third person to ever be made and dated eve for awhile. Many great acheivments that we acredit to chuck norris were accually done by Weeshna such as swimming on land and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs along with the equally feared, but less known cyber yeti. He was also the she-wolf that raised the twin founders of rome, romulus & reamus. Although this part of the legend is not well known, he helped romulus stage a coo against reamus and then ate both of them. The city was originaly named weeshna- ville, but because of PR reasons, was soon renamed rome. That is the last significant role he had in history besides his somewhat important role in the war of 1912. He has been reincarnated several times and harbors the "eye of the lion" an unknown and currently valueless object that connects the physical world with the realm of jim jung un. Not to be confused with the eye of the leon, a much more valued and sought after thing currently in the possesion of katy perry. He is currently in the form of a verticly challenged Asian boy with a love for austrailian girls and stretchy potential projectiles.
Person 1: hi
Person 2: ( punches person one in the face, then proceeds to steal his wallet and take all his clothes.
Person 1: by weeshna, what the weeshna is weeshing wrong with you weeshnay son of a weeshaing weeshna.
Person 2: I am weeshna!
Person 1: oh.
by Blacko jacko September 30, 2013
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