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Nickname or handle for a very offensive, probably evil, NC-17 rated (or worse), irreparably damaged, person, situation, idea, or event.
Can you believe one time Donna told a room full of strangers her husband wanted to shit in her vagina? I don't even know how you would shit in a vagina as most shit is not structurally rigid enough to penetrate even the largest and moist lubed vagina ~ but however you decided to do it, that's Weedlord Bonerhitler to say in front of strangers.

If Satan wanted a new nickname ~ his minions would say dude, you are satan. that's the worst thing ever - there isn't a harder more edgy term out there, except maybe Weedlord Bonerhitler.
by Zenfoolio May 16, 2016
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One who is the most supreme lord of all things dealing with weed, boners, or hitler. Also a pretty chill dude.
Hey did you see that Calvin Fairbourn nailed a sick award last week. He’s on weedlord bonerhitler.
by DatBoiNotMateo June 05, 2018
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