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When a girl that is a solid 8 slowly becomes less attractive due to an excessive use of drugs. This process usually begins in middle school and starts with weed as the girl ages she becomes more open to harder drugs. Eventually after year of abuses many girls will begin: to have excessive tattoos, and piercings, acquire a bad taste for music and cloths, dye their hair unusual colors, develop unusual facial features, and become extremely skinny. The process of weedioactive decay is complete in 3 ways 1 your younger sister become hotter than you, 2 you resemble a crack addict 3, you resemble a vampire
Joe : Did you see that picture of Shelby on Facebook?

Phil : You mean the one where she has green hair and is wearing a shirt that resembles a bumble bee. #weedioactive decay

Joe : yea that one...
by lokatzcharlie March 05, 2012
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