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A weebette is a non-Japanese female who watches and is a fan of CGDCT anime and is obsessed with Japan. A weebette is always talking about how cute or "kawaii" her favourite characters are. She is basically just a female weeb. She often uses Japanese words instead of English equivalents, such as "kawaii" instead of "cute" and "baka" instead of "dumb" or "jerk" (it has both meanings).

Some of them also use Japanese honorifics, for example when they attach the "-Chan" honorific to the names of people or characters (normally younger) they like or find cute, and when they use the "-Senpai" honorific to show they respect someone and wants to learn from them. Senpai is like a Sensei just less of a master and more of a “I respect you” kind of way. Weebettes really don’t like being called weebs since they are not male. They may even use that as an excuse not to tell you that they are a weebette bc they can be embarrassed, so avoid that at all costs and save yourself by safely adding that “ette” to the end of the word.
Username1 sends selfie
Weebette: so kawaii!! 😘😍💋
Username1: kawaii? are you a weeb?

Weebette: Im pretty sure I’m not male.

Username1: yeah Ik, but are you a weeb?
Weebette: no. I’m not male and a week is a male.

Username1: Then are you a FEMALE weeb?

Weebette: no. I’m a weebette

Username1: 😲

Username2: hey! Look at this bag I just bought!
Weebette: WOW! That’s sugoi!
Username2: x3
by Lokiana Draenei July 19, 2018
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