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Weeaboo code:
Rule #1: To be thy weeaboo, you must've watched over 20-ish animes. Mainstream or not.
Rule #2: Anime must be watched at least 5 times a weeks.
Rule#3: thou shall get thy senpai to notice thee, if senpai doesn't notice thee , don't try at all ;-;
Rule #4: Know the definition of each commonly used honorific and know the commonly used weeaboo words.

Rule #5: The final rule, but most important, finished one of the bigger mainstream animes (Naruto, Fairy Tail, One piece, etc.)
"Ay bro, you're a complete weeaboo."
"Nah, bro, I don't follow any of the weeaboo code rules"
by Meowburt_zaq1 December 05, 2016
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