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A Wedgehead is a member of the British Army's Royal Engineers. The expression dates back to when the Royal Artillery ran away in Crimea forcing the Engineers to rescue their guns before the Russians stole them. In the chaos, they used dead infantry officers' bodies to wedge the wheels to stop the cannons rolling downhill.
See that Wedgehead over there? He is thick as mince and a complete waste of rations.
by Bumsnorkler March 04, 2019
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Commenly seen strutting down your local high street or loitering around high class local restaurants such as Burger King (when it's closed) or frequenting the local hangouts - benches or bus shelters. The wedge head name is believed to be from the angle at which a wedge head will wear his cap. The greater the angle of the cap the higher the status in the social group the wedge head has. aka chav, rude boy
You are walking along minding your own business when wedge head and his female counterpart and his gang of chavvy brothers approach you to ask if you have a spare fag and whether they can fight you for it.
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