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A pace at which one drinks much slower then when they would go out with friends, but still gets really drunk after drinking so many drinks with lengthy time gaps between each drink. Primarily origins derived from when one goes to a wedding which will last several long hours with many of those hours involving alcohol (did I mention FREE alcohol and OPEN BAR).
Mike - Hey dude what happened to your cousin Fertig the other day?

Zane - Man we were pregaming and were gonna come meet up with you and Austin to go to that party, but he got way too drunk and passed out after drinking as much as he could in an hour.

Mike - Thats too bad you missed out on a hell of a party there were girls making out, a midget dressed up as a leprechaun, and a dog almost started the house on fire!!

Zane - WHAT?!! Fertig should have used the wedding pace technique *sigh*.
by mikethegreat26 March 07, 2013
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