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Over use of the internet, making the person more shy and reliant of the internet for their social life than actually meeting new people and having a social life in the real life. Web shy people may have huge friends list on the internet but not that many people are their friends in real life. They rely a lot on dating sites for romance but never get there past a chat line or e-mail, making them online long distance relationships only. They always obsess on internet advice, making them think about the worse possible outcome the found out on the internet, which makes them more hesitant when it comes to doing social stuff in real life. They love to express their feeling and opinions online, but clam up when they are asked a question in class or a job interview. The only solution is to either completely stay off the internet (cold shoulder) or limit your internet access, and shut it off when you start becoming web shyness. Thes people also love porn.
Brandon, an internet addict, was to chicken to ask that cute girl out in math class since he had web shyness
by Kyle 230 December 11, 2009
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