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An act that normally takes place in a gas station or convenience store in which one places his/her open mouth underneath the spout of an ICEE/Slurpee slushy machine, and proceeds to pull down on the dispensing lever so that the delicious frozen product (juice) can be easily deposited into the oral cavity. Ferocious brain freeze typically ensues. It is usually done stealthily in order to escape without paying, since it is essentially stealing or "weasing" (like a weasel) another establishment's product. This concept was demonstrated perfectly by Pauly Shore in the movie "Encino Man."
Godamnit you crazy road lizard if you wease the juice from my store one more time I will smack your face off of your face.

Person #1: Dude I was out mowing the lawn all day so I went to the Circle K to wease a little juice.

Person #2: Shut up man I have a migraine.
by MorningX July 26, 2009
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