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a phrase that can mean either of the two things::

one:: something you say to someone, who once the date or hangout is over, that you wish to kinda not see again because they either a) bore the shit out of you b) annoyed the shit out of you c) or are a complete weirdo in your taste and you just have no interest.

two:: this second one is mainly overlooked because we daters are always assuming the worst after a first date when in all actuality the person you went out with could have just had a good time and would like to do that again sometime. it's possible and in most cases true but we write it off because it seems highly unlikely.

example one::

girl: well i had fun...we should uh do this again sometime.
guy (whom she has no interest in): yeahh!! totally!
girl: *thinks to herself:: definitely nawwtt*

example two::

guy: this was fun, we should do this again sometime.
girl: yeah *winks*
guy: *calls/texts her that night to set something up*
by blonds45 January 17, 2010
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