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when someone rolls a cigarette so badly you laugh your ass off, but somehow are miraculously still able to smoke it.

Someone in early grade school told me what a wayne cigarette was. I didn't make it up myself, and i don't know anybody who's name is wayne. It was actually urban slang for a badly rolled cigarette at that time, and i heard it again from unrelated people on unrelated occasions. It was coined by an unknown source and referred to the waning condition of the cigarette, while possibly suggesting a remote allusion to the imagined existence of someone named wayne who rolled cigarettes badly.

Although it resembled an inside joke, it was never presented as one and although my first attempt at entering this into urban dictionary failed, it is authentic legitimate urban slang so i'm trying it again.

I was not a smoker or in a position to go find some guy named wayne so i could laugh at the way he rolled a cigarette, being a third grader at a religious private school.
by catholicbooty October 26, 2015
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