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Wayne staley
Scientific name: Stalebread
This young full-blooded beast was first discovered in a bogan dominated area of society called tasman district high school, wayne was born in 1990 with an amazing ability known as ADHD, this gives him the ability to have amazing amounts of energy as he leaps from detention to relocation much in the same way as a flying squirel jumps from tree to tree.

Wayne staley has never nad one friend in his whole life as he is so completely hyperactive that no-one can handle him, this hyperactiveness is battled by giving him drugs that are otherwise illegal. This drug is known as ecstasy. unfortunately this does not affect him at all and his fellow students have often expressed to the teachers the need to put him on sedatives. young wayne has recently been expelled from newtown high for being something which can only be described as psychotic....... i have not seen this amazing creature for some time now and hope for his sake that i never see him again lest i gaet the urge to stab him repeatedly in the chest with a blunt knife.
wayne staley...... the end.
by specky January 15, 2005
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