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Wayll, internet slang and a deformation for "while" and some others used by people in the internet and online games but also used as a despective nick for e-drama lovers and people in portugal with a bad attitude and reputation.

Wayll types ar known for having a bad attitude and they often go to online games and forums to insult, undermine and flame people when they do not hail their pvp (player vs player) skills, insulting people because they lack of real arguments.
usually in online games wayll types also like to backtalk and spread rumors and make a big fuss, usually known as e-drama.
"hai guys has been a wayll"

"LOLZ i hit my head in a wayll"

"player 1: wtf you shux im going to kill you in pvp you better take care from now on!!
player 2: dude chill out dont be such a wayll"
by Zeza February 24, 2008
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