Kazak colloquialism indicating surprise or awe.
This one I have to pay money for, but she worth it! Wawaweewa!!
by wicknerd July 3, 2006
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wawaweewa is a way of expressing excitement about a situation.
Person 1: "I'm so excited for the basketball game tonight, we have front row seats:"
Person 2: "wawaweewa"
by Stabbingcheetah87 February 22, 2022
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A common slang word used by Russians when under the influence of alcohol to express surprise or astonishment.
by WWIICCKKEERR January 25, 2009
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1. A word when two people say when they say a word or phrase at the same time. Similar to jinx

2. A term Borat uses in his movie.
K: I can't hangout.
C+K:That's so dumb
C: Wawaweewa
(High Five)
by C. O'Hammie February 12, 2008
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