the ghetto name for waukegan the city is great and would be a major city by now if it wasent for the strong gang affiliation that moved from chicago to there basically any major gang you can think of are in this city schools are okay dat is until u reach high school there used to be 2 buildings 1 only for freshmen and the other 1 for 10-12 but now starting as of the 2009-2010 school year both of them will be 09-12 over 10 people have been killed in both schools combined since 1990 usually the school goes and paints graffiti on gurnee schools for rich white ppl during basketball season or any sport season waukegan will usually win there maskot is the bulldog with an eye pacth due to its original maskot the raider and for the gurnee school maskot is a blue devil in the school there is more than 5 figths every day
yo where goin to go tag warren township high school(gurnee high school) u coming yea we can leave shyt burning before the school start yea we will always rep for wauk town will show them gurnee bicthes
by C35VR July 07, 2009
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