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AKA Jekel and Hyde ! A person with an exteme case of schizophrenia! On one side the WATTERSON is a person wanting to be a ned or 'one of the boyzz' but he is torn between his love of the boyz abd drinking buckkfast and all round being a DEADBEAT! and having to actually having a job and paying the bills, he also has a problem with actually doing such simple tasks around the house because his mommy isnt there(proberly helping the fav son) THEN on the other hand there DEMPSTER side ....... complete opposite!
Whats the hells up with him, was talking to him? I was talking to him a minute ago and he was fine and now two drinks of Buckfast and he's sreaming like an idiot and moaning about everything?????

Dont worry mate..... he's a watterson/dempster personallity !!
by BAINBS1 March 26, 2007
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