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Watermelonisha: Gurl my name Iz Watermelonisha!

Other dumb girl: Gurl you like some Watermelon?!?

Watermelonisha: For sure Gurl!
by Treefiddy November 05, 2013
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Watermelonisha's are little memes.Their favorite fruit is watermelon(obviously).They enjoys long walks in watermelon gardens and will not tolerate watermelon jokes.If you say a joke about watermelonisha's they will pour thier watermelon juice on your head and you will be a watermelon for the rest of eternity.You cannot have any vegetable siblings/friends they will also turn you into a watermelonisha and she will be free.Do not come near

any watermelonisha's because they will take their send teeth and spray them all over you.
#1Omg!!A watermelonisha.Ahhhhh!!!!!
#2Omg Kaydence just turned into a watermelonisha­čśë­čśë

by Facts_Life! March 10, 2018
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