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Just the sickest Asian cunt u will ever meet in your lifetime. He is super handsome, it is said that if you saw him in daylight your eyesight would increase to 69/69 vision. If u were to become friends with the watcharaphon, it means that you have been blessed by God. Watcharaphons is in love with noodles (Not that type of noodles perverts). U may be able to locate a Watcharaphon in the bathroom and under your bed, he usually has his massive Asian SHLONG just hanging there like a third leg.
Isaac:"WOW I saw a watcharaphon under my bed last night and got a glimpse of his third leg, I was so baffled of how big ones SCHLONG can be. I can now die happy knowing that I have been blessed."

Brodie: WOW no way you are so lucky, I wish I can get hit from behind by that third leg.'
by Vincent Michael Shaw July 18, 2018
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