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hyper-internetted version of "What the fuck," or "what the fuck is."

"watafux" is kind of an extreme and deliberate way of using the phrase. It's rather rare (google came back with like eight results, at this time, which is early December, 2007), and it's more likely to be used in parody or self-awareness of some kind than in anything along the lines of earnest misspelling. to put it another way, watafux is parody of the spelling of obnoxious anonymous internet posters, found in forums, on youtube, on urbandictionary, etc... I doubt it's ever been used with anything but the most ironic intent.

I also got a six google results for "whatafux."

"so, people spell things weird when you sit them down in front of a computer. watafux up with that?"
by SaltyKevin December 06, 2007
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