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Pronounciation: "Whas-saaap-pah-ning"

A greeting form for people who have become fed up with other regular forms of greetings.

the term derived from the phrase "what is happening" or "whats up" and basically means the same thing but in a cooler format and should be expressed as exageratingly as possible for emphasis

the phrase is used at the begining of a conversation instead of the word "hello" or "hi" to spice up or make the conversation more interesting in a gangsterlike imatation.
person X is aproached by person Y, as they get closer person Y exclams "wasappening!" with his arms waving, hands gesturing about, all steriotypically gangster like. person X responds with "hey man wasup" or some other phrase equivalent.

please note that "wasappening" cannot be responded to with another "wasappening" as it is bad english - lol
by Mr2C October 07, 2008
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