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It probably means that the woman in question wants to go on dates with multiple guys but not be in a relationship with anyone specific. But please keep this in mind: ALL Women are fickle when it comes to the dating scene, so if you went on one date and it went well or she decided she had a crush on you, she'll change her mind and desires to be in a relationship with you.
ALL women that has the term "wants to date but nothing serious" in their dating profiles, it means that they'll date multiple guys. Even though these women go on multiple dates with multiple guys, they have no expectations beyond those first, second, third, etc. amount of dates. They always keep their options open. And they ALWAYS CONTROL the Dating Narrative, not the Men. Comedian Chris Rock was ABSOLUTELY correct when he spoke his famous QUOTE: "A MAN is ONLY as FAITHFUL as HIS OPTIONS." In the same way, WOMEN are ONLY as FAITHFUL as THEIR OPTIONS too. So it's only fair that we as men remember that too.
by EC's Dating terminology May 27, 2017
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