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Any wanna be Hoe, a female who can't cut it as hoe.

1. An aspiring prostitute who isn't worth paying for and can't cut it as a whore. A slut who can't give it away and tries to get paid.

2. A tired old washed up hoe, a bitch that never advanced and got out the game, who is still waiting for her "pretty woman" dream to come true.

3. A slut who has fooled others into thinking she's worth paying for. She tricks people into thinking she is all that by playin the princess role, proof that the review system aint all gold.

4. That bitch be on her five point toes, her lambourfini's worn out on the track. Stuck in her day. The oldest Ho in the stable.

5. A bitch who wants to get paid but is to lazy to go get it, she is the laziest ho on the block. That hoe always lookin for the easy way out. Typically found hangin on the coat tails of go getta's to ride anota bitches success.
Who kelly? I know you didn't pay that wanstitute, that bitch been on the track since Fred Flintstone was cruzin it, she's tired dried up saggy pussy old hoe.
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
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