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Someone who is given a chance to be a killer, told who and where the mark will be, but backs down in the end. When the mark is terminated, the one offered the job, but was unable to complete the mission, pretends that he is the one who killed the mark. Thus, making him a wannabe killer or wannabe gangsta.
Scared Kid: Hey Fundo, can you kill this guy for me? Because I'm too scared to do it.
Fundo: Fuck that. I ain't killin' him for you. I'mma kill him for the fun of it.
Scared Kid: You're gangsta'. I can't kill people. I'll cry.
Fundo: Little bitch. Move out my way!

*stab* *stab* *slice* *stab*

Fundo: Job complete.
Scared Kid: And I did all the work.
Fundo: What? What the hell are you talking about? You went crying home to mommy.
Scared Kid: That's not what the girl says...
Fundo: She saw me do it.
Scared Kid: Well, She says she saw me do it.
Fundo: You're a wanksta' nigga. Wannabe Killer.
by authOOr October 16, 2006
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