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Partially Italian person changing American last name to steryotypical italian name or word. Most if the time these people wear baggy clothes and use terms from the Jersey Shore to make people believe they are full blood Italian. They may also wear apparel of a local cities sports team and "claim" its territory. Most of the time these peoples parents lived there or they lived in some quiet part of the burough.
"Did you see Greg Ferrari's Nets hat?" "Yea man i heard he claims Bronx" "Is Ferrari even his real last name?" "No its really Buck, he uses Ferrari on all of his social media accounts because he wants people to know he's Italian." "Is that why he wears a ton of chains and Jersey Shore clothes as well?" "Yea too bad he dosent know that Italy is compeletly different. We all would have been fooled by that haircut." "What a wanna be Italian"
by ItalianIrishMix November 13, 2013
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