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A noun used in place of terms representing stereotypical Asian (Oriental) people, places, objects, believes or behavior.

The term can be used as both a complimentary and derogatory expression, exemplifying both positive and negative Asian (Oriental) stereotypes respectively.

In some applications the term can be used as an adjective describing a person or an object exhibiting extreme or stereotypical Asian (Oriental) behavior or properties.
An example of general usage.: “For dinner tonight I am going to have some Wang Chow.”

An example of complimentary usage.: “Wow Chuck Norris fights like a Wang Chow.”
An example of derogatory usage.: “Man Mark Weber drives like a Wang Chow.”

An example of usage as an adjective.: “Sweet and sour pork that is such a Wang Chow dish.”
by Pete Pang November 14, 2007
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