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The process of chopping some one's or thing's wang. Used as an insult against someone.
"stfu wang chop"
by James Howard December 27, 2003
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A noun or adjective, normally a mild insult or compliment depending on how its used. Its used to replace various adjectives and nouns.
Wangchop can replace:
1. Hot meat (someone hot)
2. An idiot
4. Sleeping
5. Babe
6. Energetic
You wangchop, what are you doing? - hot meat
Stoping wangchopping and get working! - procastinating
You are such a wangchop! - Idiot
Arent you a wangchop? - Babe
Im so wangchopy! - Energetic
by Ashlyn cocobean April 05, 2009
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1. A word used to describe something that is wicked, awesome, or otherwise the shit.
2. A greeting or salutation.
3. What?
1. Man, that is totally wangchops!
1. Wangchops; that girl's breasts pwn!
2. Wangchops!
2. Wangchops out to all my homies.
3. Wangchops?
by Adrian Guerin October 02, 2005
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