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A amazing person,that is very kind and cool plays an wonderful instrument the saxophone and is very respectful, responsible.
by Light99 yt August 04, 2018
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wanwen is a girl who has a very big heart. she offers to help people sincerely and never really expects anything back. wanwen is a trustworthy person and you will never regret being friends with her.

she is a hardworking person and very smart actually. don’t get trick by her facial expression, she may look like she has a bitchy face but she is really outgoing and friendly. someone whom you really can talk to in times of need. she likes to include herself in the situation you’re in so that you don’t ever feel alone in your problems.

she is also very protective of her friends and family. but she can be really fierce when people tries to take advantage of her. be careful!

but overall wanwen is a type of person that will never leave you behind in times of trouble. if she ever lose her trust in you, its hard to gain it back. she’s quite sensitive so take care of her heart and her feelings too. once you’re close with her, she will treat you like you’re her own family. so be proud if you have friends like her cos it’s hard to find one.
friend: hey, do you think I should make friends with wanwen? she seems so fierce, I’m scared.

me: you should try to talk to her! she’s a really nice person if you start to know her. don’t get trick by her facial expression! she’s the total opposite of what you think she is.
by spicy chilli March 06, 2019
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