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When staying up late to study with someone, use this method to not fall asleep. Anytime you feel like you are going to fall asleep, take a selfie and send it to the other person. This way you both know that the other is awake. This method works especially well if the other person is an attractive member of the opposite sex, as you would be more alert when taking a selfie in this case.
Guy 1: "How did you finish studying in time for the test?"
Guy 2: "I stayed up late studying for the last few nights."
Guy 1: "But don't you normally fall asleep, how did you stay awake?"
Guy 2: "I used the wake up selfie method with the most beautiful girl in school."
Guy 1: "Well that explains it. No one would fall asleep in that situation."
by IzaBigMan January 13, 2017
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