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–noun, plural -nas, -nae
1. Used because it sounds like the Espanol pronunciation of the English word. Texican word.

2. Anatomy, Zoology. a. the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals. Compare oviduct.
b. a sheathlike part or organ.

3. Botany. the sheath formed by the basal part of certain leaves where they embrace the stem.

4. From Latin vagina "sheath, scabbard" (pl. vaginæ), from PIE *wag-ina- (cf. Lith. voziu "ro cover with a hollow thing"), from base *wag- "to break, split, bite." Probably the ancient notion is of a sheath made from a split piece of wood (see sheath). A modern medical word; the L. word was not used in an anatomical sense in classical times. Anthropological vagina dentata is attested from 1908.
As in, "my wahena is sore today."
by TexicanKris February 01, 2008
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