Wa lao also known as walao and wa lau

Malaysian/Singaporean slang
meaning "OMG", "Wat the!!".
Wa lao, that guy pwned me with a knife. (in CS)

Wa lao-eh, triple kill loh! (in D.o.t.A.)
by MeL89 March 7, 2007
expr. (Used as an expression) can be used by people to express frustration, anger and impatience.
Phrase can be traced with a south-east Asian origin, mostly used in Singapore and Malaysia. Wa (我)Lao (老)

literally means 'my father' in Hokkien (福建话), one of the most common dialects in Singapore and Malaysian Chinese descent. (hence it is used to scold blame the entire situation)

"My dad is responsible for this!" - for Anglo people equivalent

Inf. (Informal) This phrase is used for gangsters in coffee shops around "unschooled middle-aged to old people" hanging around roadside hawkers, food courts and coffee shops. Laypeople and commoners just go Wa Lao Eh as a small mantra in their hearts when something goes wrong.
(In singlish) "Aunty, got Kopi-O or not?" Aunty (coffee shop owner) :"No more liao"


(For Anglo-looking people who doesn't get what the hell is this) It meant:
"Hi, do you have coffee here?" The owner replies: "Sorry, we've ran out"

by _wizard_14 September 16, 2019
usually people will say this when they are in shock or very disappointed
mostly use by gamers and consumers in malaysia when we are shopping at the pasar malam or in CC
wa lao eh! like that also can de meh?

wa lao eh! you win liao lo

wa lao eh! got so cheap mah?

wa lao eh! even now the slang wa lao eh! also got online shop ah? at www.facebook.com/walaoeh2u

wa lao eh! got so pro or not?
by WaLaoEh! Online Shopping May 22, 2017