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When you eat a noodle and it comes out the other end (butthole) purple.

Happened to me before, true story.
The colour is a common purple like a royal purple (look it up)

Guy 1: hey Jimmy, wōsk that noodle!
Herd of dudes: wōsK It, Wōsk IT, wōsK iT!!!
Jimmy: I am, I have successfully wōsked the noodle!!

Random Srag in backround: *points at Jimmy's butthole* hey gang, look at Jims but, the noodle is coming out purple! Delicious!

**Everyone starts to Gibpet**
by yetersed April 03, 2019
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1. someone who insults you if you slightly tick him off or annoy him.

2. someone you dont want to come across in Halo 3.

3. busts a "thats what she said" to almost anything said.

4. someone who will put stuff in your hair, if your hair is long.

Wow dude im sorry if i tapped your shoulder, you dont have to be a Wosk about it.

Holy crap I was just destroyed by Wosk.

Ok...enough acting like Wosk please.

Haha dude I think you just got Wosked.
by hax pex May 06, 2008
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