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Shortest form of what's up? Origins of word come from the streets of Brooklyn when a HS fight in 1994 between two thugs occured, one thug speaking out of rage said quickly whatta, the other responded w'up son w'up son!
W'up son? W'up w'up.
by Ayche from December 06, 2005
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It stems from the words whats up. Another term that is very similar is sup. It is believed that this word was brought into existance by a typo.
wup homy. wup tonight.
by Justin Taylor December 07, 2004
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1) the short form ghetto version of "what's up".
genuine gangsta person: "Wup, dawg?"
average wigger punk: "Sup, bitch?"
by Mertens December 20, 2003
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The noise British people make when accidentally bumping into or walking in on somebody. Normally followed by "sorry" from the other party.
Person1 opens unlocked toilet cubical.
Person2 is sitting on crapper with trousers round ankles.
Person 1: "Wup!"
Person2: "Sorry"
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by urbanduffer March 09, 2017
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