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A kind of person who is just too awesome to be described with conventional words. They are usually head ninjas, but you wouldn't know because they'll never mention this (in public.)

They tend to leave their girlfriends better than they left them and finish projects just by thinking about them. Not necessarily straight A-students (school often bores Vunderkinds,) but even the smartest kids will acknowledge that Vunderkinds are under cover geniuses.

A Vunderkind in its natural habitat looks EXACTLY like an average human being. I mean, how cool is that?
Jack: "I skipped all the courses for this semester and decided to spend the year studying the circadian rhythm of mollusks."
John: "Dude. You're a Vunderkind. You could take the exam dead and still ace it."

Manny: "My ex looks and speaks so much better. Wow. I want her back."
Phil: "Sorry, she's now out of your league. She dated a Vunderkind."
by psychogeek June 22, 2014
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